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    По умолчанию ищу данные на CXD9872

    The SigmaTel’s (CXD9872 High Definition Audio Codec)
    применяется в Sony Vaio с поддержкой DSD-disk
    вот что пока удалось найти http://www.theicstock.com/stock-cxd/cxd9872.html
    CXD9872 Pinout:
    The STA304A Digital Audio Processor is a single chip device implementing end to end digital solution for audio application. In conjunction with STA500 power bridge it gives the full digital DSP-to-power high quality chain with no need for audio Digital-to- Analog converters between DSP and power stage.
    The ISL60002 FGA™ voltage references are very high precision analog voltage references fabricated in Intersil*s proprietary Floating Gate Analog technology and feature low (2.7V to 5.5V) supply voltage operation at ultra-low 400nA operating current.
    The PCI interface supports 32-bit burst transfers up to 33 MHz and is capable of operating as both master and target devices. Configuration registers can be loaded from an external serial EEPROM, allowing board and system designers to assign their own unique identification codes. An autoboot mode allows data-moving systems (such as docking stations) to be designed to operate on the PCI bus without the need for a host CPU.
    STA304A Digital Audio Processor
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    ", было бы величайшей ошибкой думать," (c) В. И. ЛЕНИН ПСС том 42, стр. 74

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